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Intelligent PDU

Olson's Intelligent Power Management PDU the newest addition to the Olson range.

Olson's product range is one of the most comprehensive on the market, we build all of our products to the highest quality standards and are accredited with ISO9001 and TUV quality approvals. With our own assembly, metal fabrication and paint spraying facilities within our head office in the UK we have direct control over the majority of the manufacturing process. Every product is hand manufactured, fully quality checked at each stage of manufacture and then 100% electrical tested.

PDU Details

The Olson intelligent remote monitoring and control PDU is a modular system which comprises a main monitor module with a built-in graphical display and keypad with the option to connect, up to four 8 output switching modules allowing a total of 32 16A switched outputs to be controlled (total 32A).

The display allows all values to be displayed locally and update of programme functions as well as switching outlets (where specified). The display and keys on the keypad can be set to rotate with the PDU installation so they are always in the correct orientation.

The PDU controller with optional switching modules can be incorporated into any of Olson’s existing vertical zero U or 19” rack mounting PDU range or a bespoke PDU design.

In addition to the PDU controller module the system also supports the connection of up to four 8 output, 16A 250VAC switching modules giving the capability to control and monitor up to 32 AC outlets, either locally from the PDU keypad, or remotely via a web browser or SNMP network management system.

Metering of each outlet is also provided along with circuit breaker / fuse status. Load current, power and KWh consumption is displayed either locally or remotely for each switched outlet to within a 1% accuracy..

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Comprehensive Features

Remote Monitoring & Switching

For up to 32 outlets

Programmable Sequential Start

Individually programmable or sequential

External Temperature and Humidity sensor

Monitor external conditions with our compatible sensor

Programable UPS

Ability to programme outlets to be on or off when a UPS is active

Monitor Energy

Consumption readings per individual outlet to 1% accuracy

SNMP Enabled

Configurable for SNMP

Need A Bespoke Solution?

Olson can manufacture bespoke PDU units to your specification. These can be from small alterations to standard products such as a different mains plug or a different length of cable to a fully bespoke PDU