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Olson Electronics have a vast range of power distribution units available, but sometimes the exact PDU you need isn't listed.

We can manufacture bespoke PDU units to your specification. These can be from small alterations to standard products such as a different mains plug or a different length of cable to a fully bespoke PDU with custom metal work and your choice of sockets, switches, circuit breakers, fuses, neon indicators, meters, RF filters, sequential start etc. Below is a list of options:

  • Plugs such as UK 13A (BS1363), IEC 60320 C14 10A, IEC 60320 C20, IEC309 (BS 4343 / Commando) 16A and 32A, USA (Nema 5-15), German, French, Neutrik Powercon 20A, Electrak
  • Cable length, either longer or shorter
  • Cable type, such as CY and SY braid armoured, low smoke (LSF/LS0H), flexible conduit etc
  • No mains cable so that it can be permanently wired on site
  • Sockets, including combinations of different sockets; UK 13A (BS1363), IEC 60320 C13 10A, IEC 60320 C19, IEC309 16A and 32A, USA 15A (Nema 5-15), Schuko 16A (CEE 7/3), French / Belgian 16A (CEE 7/5), USB, Neutrik 20A, Electrak
  • Options such as switches, circuit breakers, fuses, cable clips, neon indicators, meters, RF filters, sequential start timers
  • Colour of the PDU from our standard range of colours, Anthracite (RAL 7016), Light Grey (RAL 7035), Light Honey Beige (BS08B17), Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Black, and White.
  • Other colours are available at additional cost or at no additional cost for large orders
  • Different colour PDUs can help differentiate circuits
  • Enclosure type; horizontal, vertical or desk/wall mounting
  • Accessories such as labels, identity strips, cable supports



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