Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Olson Electronics is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Electrical Installation products, and is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.

As a manufacturer, our processes consume both gas and electric energy, providing heating to offices, production areas, stores areas and power to our manufacturing machinery. We continue to assess our consumption and, where possible, introduce changes to optimise our efficiency within each operation.

The manufacturing facilities within our organisation use energy efficient lighting and maintain the temperatures of the offices, production and stores areas at the optimum level for energy consumption with consideration to the welfare of the staff.

The factory considers its waste generated carefully. The factory has recycling waste collections with a view to ensuring as much waste as is possible is recycled. There are already separate paper, cardboard, plastic and scrap metal recycle contracts in place across the Olson Electronics factory.

Our ‘manufacturer to distributor’ delivery network utilises a third-party carrier and the Management of Olson Electronics takes into consideration those carriers adopting a Carbon Reducing Policy when choosing them as a partner. For example, favouring companies using electronic invoicing.

The use of recycled packaging, where possible, is utilised as well as shared pallet schemes with third party carriers and customers.

This policy is reviewed annually by the Management of Olson Electronics.




John R. Allden

Managing Director