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Our new range of Lighting Distribution Units are designed & manufactured in the UK. Constructed from Zintec steel and powder coated in white RAL9010.

Available in 4, 6 & 8 ways as standard, fitted with 3 & 4 pin 6A sockets. Designed to be mounted in several positions to provide flexibility for the installer. Please contact: for custom options such as increasing the number of sockets, having different unit colours or different unit dimensions.

Quick & Easy

Compatible with 3 & 4 pin plugs. Multiple fixing options.

Robust Construction

Manufactured from Zintec steel and powder coated white (RAL 9010) for a durable finish.

Mounting Options

Can be mounted directly to a wall or trunking or suspended from ceilings using the mounting brackets supplied.

UK Manufacturing

Designed & Manufactured in the UK

The Olson Lighting Distribution Unit range is designed and manufactured at our Head Office and manufacturing facility in Stanmore, London.

The concept of the Lighting Distribution Unit is to provide the customer with a quick and easy installation. Olson can also make custom units whether it is the number of sockets, colour or dimensions. This will provide a unique product for each individual installation.


Designed with the installer in mind, this range ensures a quick, easy and safe installation. Light fittings can be added or removed for maintenance, without switching off the load to the lighting distribution unit. This Provides ease of maintenance and future alterations.

Available as standard in 4,6 and 8 ways. The earth pin would be the first contact hence eliminating any strong current leaps between the live and neutral. The mechanism of the plug and socket attachment is also a safety measure for the installer and a simple push / slide would provide simultaneous electrical connection.

6 Way Lighting Distribution Units


Compatible with 3 and 4 pin plugs or pre-wired leads, available from Olson. 

The 4 pin option offers a permanent connection for emergency lighting.


Robust Construction

Made from Zintec steel and powder coated white RAL9010 as standard for a robust unit with a durable finish. Manufactured here in the UK.


Ceiling Mounting

The LDU is supplied with 1x mounting bracket for celling mounting applications using M8 rod and T Nuts. The box has tapped holes on both sides and on the rear to secure the mounting bracket with the supplied screws as required. 

LDU Ceiling Mount 2
LDU Ceiling Mount
LDU Ceiling Mount

Please note: the bracket can be removed if not required.

Trunking Mounting

Using 8mm fixing holes or 8mm fixing holes and 20mm cable entry knock outs the LDU can be mounted to trunking. 

Please note: the ABC dimensions vary across the range.

Wall Mounting

The LDU can be fixed flat to a wall using the 4x 8mm fixing holes or 8mm fixing holes and 20mm cable entry glands. 

Please note: the AB dimensions vary across the range.

Custom Made Solutions

With complete control over our entire manufacturing process we can offer our popular custom made solutions for our new range of Lighting Distribution Units. What does this mean for you? We can custom make our standard 4, 6 & 8 way units to your specifications. This could be a custom RAL colour to match the interior style within an installation; a bespoke size or shape unit to accommodate space restrictions within an installation; Or it could be as simple as a different configuration of sockets.

For more information on our LDU Range or our custom made options, please contact our sales team with your enquiry: or 020 8905 7273 

Contact Us

We invite you to contact our experienced technical sales team to find out how we can help with your LDU and cabling requirements.

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